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Achieving public policies that promote the Great Start Livingston vision and investment in early childhood requires mobilization of active constituencies in our community.


Corporate Leaders If you acknowledge that investing in school readiness makes good economic sense, with high rates of return to society in a skilled future workforce …. You Should Advocate.

Early Elementary Educators If you acknowledge that ensuring children start school ready to learn makes teaching more effective, for each individual child and for the whole classroom…. You Should Advocate.

Health Care Professionals If you acknowledge that good health requires more than medical care; a medical home plays a critical role in meeting young children’s health and developmental needs…. You Should Advocate.

Law Enforcement Officials If you acknowledge that investing in prevention services at an early age is the best crime control strategy… You Should Advocate.

Community and State Agencies Staff If you acknowledge that building a school readiness system means developing standards and fostering cross-agency collaboration…. You Should Advocate

School Superintendents If you acknowledge that the achievement gap exists before children come to school and closing it early is necessary to meet the No Child Left Behind Act regulations…You Should Advocate.

Small Business Owners If you acknowledge that quality, dependable child care reduces absenteeism, increases worker productivity, and contributes to the local economy….You Should Advocate.

State Legislators If you acknowledge that early learning programs are effective and efficient investments; they are sound uses of tax dollars…You Should Advocate.

Parents If you acknowledge that as parents and bread-winners, we need our children to have quality care and education while we must be at work… You Should Advocate.


State Senator: Joe Hune
Email Address:
               Lansing Office               (517) 373-2420
               505 Farnum Building                  Fax: (517) 373-2764
               PO Box 30036
               Lansing, MI 48909-7536
State Representative: Lana Theis
Email Address:
               Lansing Office               (517) 378-8835
               N-891 Capitol                  
               PO Box 30014
               Lansing, MI 48909
State Representative: Hank Vaupel
Email Address:
               Lansing Office               (517) 373-8835
               N-896 Capitol                  
               PO Box 30014
               Lansing, MI 48909


1425 West Grand River Ave. - Howell, MI 48843 - Phone-(517) 540-6829